Mind Body Gem

Mind Body Gem

Hosted by: Rokki

Mind Body Gem, and that's GEM, is a conversational podcast where we believe cultivating the mind, movement of the body, and showing more love and compassion, especially for ourselves, aligns us with our purpose. We...


Sylvia Mosley: God is Everywhere

Season #4 Episode #5

So many flowers in God’s gardenSylvia remembers her brother went to prison when she was young. She shares that when a person goes to prison, the whole family goes to prison. After that, she lost her husband when their...
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Letha Pugh: Adrenalin for the Win

Season #4 Episode #4

 Different lifeLetha was born to a 15-year-old mother in Omaha, Nebraska. She was only a child but already helping her mother a lot and doing many household chores. After college, she realized she wanted to have a...
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Deja Redman: Evolved Self-Love

Season #4 Episode #3

Looking at the pastDeja is a mother of five children. She reveals she was not always in harmony with her self-care. What’s more, she neglected her needs for a long time, being in abusive relationships, having sex at a...
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Hoy Zhang: Life Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Season #4 Episode #2

Steps into the independenceBorn in Beijing, China, Hoy remembers her early childhood not being so much fun. At the age of 13, she left her family for the first time, going to Singapore. After that, she arrived in Ohio...
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Sheri Neale: If Everybody Isn’t Good, Nobody’s Good

Season #4 Episode #1

Born with artAs a daughter of a high school music teacher, Sheri finds that art influenced her life path, as she has always been searching for the good in people and their work. When she grew up, she moved to...
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