Mind Body Gem

Mind Body Gem

Hosted by: Rokki

Mind Body Gem, and that's GEM, is a conversational podcast where we believe cultivating the mind, movement of the body, and showing more love and compassion, especially for ourselves, aligns us with our purpose. We...


Pastor Julius Lancaster: I am Church

Season #3 Episode #9

Ending up at the bottom – three timesJulius remembers ending up imprisoned after getting caught for drug dealing. He did not seem to follow signs for getting back on the right track, so he got imprisoned two more...
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Jessica Burke: Believe in Your Dreams

Season #3 Episode #8

Back in prisonJessica remembers ending up imprisoned for the second time. That was the time she realized that she didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. The second time she got out of prison was going to be her...
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Desiree Riley: Goal-Oriented Mindset

Season #3 Episode #7

Before vs. after pandemicDezi thinks motherhood is always a full-time activity, which is not changing due to pandemic. The only difference is that people, not just mothers, need to learn how to live indoors, without a...
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Kysten Palmore: If Everyone Does A Little, No One Has To Do A Lot

Season #3 Episode #6

Starting in Criminal Justice fieldKysten remembers choosing Criminal Justice major at her university, not being completely sure if it was going to be her field of interest. After getting a master’s degree in Public...
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Asegedech: Tea Time with Asegedech

Season #3 Episode #5

Starting Fit to Navigate journeyAsegedech remembers her partner won the opportunity to travel to the Hague, the Netherlands, for a very important summit about entrepreneurship. This gave Asegedech the chance to...
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Erin Cullums: Bigger than Speed Bumps

Season #3 Episode #4

Best job so farErin remembers the time when she had $22 a month (‘while banana was $1’), happily comparing it to the present and her current job, the best she has ever had. Thanks to her full-time job and getting paid...
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Janet Lucas: Health and Happiness – Inside and Outside

Season #3 Episode #3

Education as the foundation of a good lifeJanet explains her interests in taking care of people since her childhood. Starting from a stuffed animal hospital in her bedroom, she later became even more interested in...
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Erin Hawkins: From Addiction to “Better things in life”

Season #3 Episode #2

Erin and Rokki Bonner discuss Erin’s getting back on the right path and dealing with a family crisis after prison, successfully putting it behind and starting it right from scratch with happiness and health as...
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Desiree Riley: From Corporate and Unhealthy to Fitness and Happy

Season #3 Episode #1

Special guest: Desiree Riley –COO and first Fellow of Fit to Navigate, single mother, mommapreneur, and certified fitness coach.Dezi and Rokki Bonner discuss Dezi’s incarceration, the sacrifices people make to fit...
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