Mind Body Gem W/ My Journey to Health

Season #1 Episode #5

How Fitness Saved My Life, My Journey to Health
Hosted by: Rokki Bonner, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Owner of Personal Fitness Navigators in Columbus, Ohio

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Rokki takes listeners to the beginning of her health challenges with dental work as a small child and being on the verge of a heart attack at nine years old. Rokki recalls the series of medications and hospital visits through most of her life after being diagnosed with hyperthyroid and a heart condition.

  • Tough Choices: Rokki's unexpected health concerns forced her mother to make tough decisions regarding her treatment including radiation iodine treatment to shrink her thyroid or having her thyroid removed during puberty.
  • Being Active: Physical activity was Rokki's outlet despite her health challenges. She dominated in track, basketball, working out. Her outlets transformed into her professional journey as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and a professional body builder.
  • Rejuvenated and Regenerated Through Nutrition: Rokki explores nutrition to live a healthy and medication free life, finding that nutrition changes not only the physical body, but is healing for disease and the mind. Nutrition can lead to regeneration of our bodies.

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