Mind Body Gem W/ Stephanie Freedom Yoga

Season #1 Episode #2

Mind, Body, Gem: Episode 2 Stephanie's Freedom
Special Guest: Stephanie Saunders, a graduate of the Fit to Navigate Program, certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.
Stephanie has a conversation with Rokki Bonner about her first years of incarceration and how turning to fitness saved her life, helping her integrate back into society and reconnect with her community and family.

  • How the World Changed After 20 Years of Incarceration - Stephanie adjusts to new technology, social media and reconnecting with her son who is now 21 years old.
  • Life in Prison - Stephanie talks about stress, anxiety, poor nutrition, smoking and being out of shape in her early 20s. Reflecting on her mother's battle with cancer, dying at 27 and poor access to health care, Stephanie became self-determined to take care of her own health.
  • Gradual Changes Lead to Fit to Navigate Program - Stephanie shares with listeners how fitness saved her life beginning with small changes, setting goals and becoming a yoga instructor while incarcerated. Staying motivated and maintaining a positive attitude kept her in spiritual and physical alignment. The Fit to Navigate program manifested the opportunity to become a certified personal trainer.
  • How Does Self-Care Contribute to Impacting Others - Connecting with others authentically continues personal growth and helps transform lives of those in Stephanie's class.

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