Erin Hawkins: From Addiction to “Better things in life”

Season #3 Episode #2

Erin and Rokki Bonner discuss Erin’s getting back on the right path and dealing with a family crisis after prison, successfully putting it behind and starting it right from scratch with happiness and health as priorities.

  • Losing mother-son balance and fighting to win it back

After getting out of the prison, Erin finds it surprisingly challenging to reconnect with her son, who was growing up without her, only seeing her every so often. Erin describes different phases of establishing strong family bonds, starting from complete strangers living together, through learning how to discover mutual boundaries with respect, to the final phase of getting to ‘learn each other’, living in love and peace.

  • From addiction to jail

Erin remembers the time she started her addiction when she was just 17. After ending up in jail at 23, she finds herself deeply struggling, trying to find her way to sobriety. She meets Rokki and discovers fitness not only as a way to become fit but also to inspire people.

  • Finding the right path

Erin expresses her thankfulness about her life after prison so far. She finds her second chance by working three jobs at the same time, after which she finds one full-time job, with a lot more time to devote to family life. She gets back to fitness, finds a boyfriend, gets a dog, and a cat, all of which makes her new environment perfectly positive and fulfilling. She wants to inspire other people.

  • Wise words to the youth

Being young is not easy because making decisions seems much easier and harmless than it is. In fact, looking from the current perspective, Erin deems that young people should find other ways to express themselves, claiming that "there are better things in life” than doing drugs and going astray. Her advice is to start working out, enjoy life totally, and focus on its bright side.

  • Erin’s plans for the future

Not wanting to focus on the distant future, Erin’s main plan is to live for today and tomorrow. She thinks that being realistic can help one do much more with one’s future, so her plans are modest. She is going step by step and living life to the fullest.

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