Janet Lucas: Health and Happiness – Inside and Outside

Season #3 Episode #3

  • Education as the foundation of a good life

Janet explains her interests in taking care of people since her childhood. Starting from a stuffed animal hospital in her bedroom, she later became even more interested in becoming a doctor. Although this was not an easy feat, she succeeded through a strong commitment to her studies, and years and years of helping people in her amazing career.

  • Understanding women as human beings facing unenviable decisions

Janet brings up the topic of how young women often have very difficult choices to make. One example is abortion at an early age, when a person is in a sensitive period of life and should decide whether to become a mother or continue education keeping open the door that leads to fulfilling professional dreams.

  • Being human before being a professional

Rokki remembers a touching moment when she had health issues and Janet offered her help despite her financial difficulties. Janet goes on to talk about how sometimes the healthcare system can be an obstacle rather than support for ill people.

  • Setting yourself as the top priority

Through history, women have often tended to put their family needs before themselves. Consequently, women's health was often being neglected. Speaking of health, Janet emphasizes the importance of activities that fulfill women as a person, as individuals who should have some time for themselves. Being burned out professionally and as a mother can result in health problems – from minor to serious.

  • Retirement as a new chapter

Even though Janet spent more than 30 years in a very stressful profession, she still has lots of plans for the following years, having various hobbies like fitness, running, and camping with her grandchildren. She claims that setting goals is of vital importance for staying healthy both inside and outside, physically and mentally.

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