Erin Cullums: Bigger than Speed Bumps

Season #3 Episode #4

  • Best job so far

Erin remembers the time when she had $22 a month (‘while banana was $1’), happily comparing it to the present and her current job, the best she has ever had. Thanks to her full-time job and getting paid for overtime work, she now has the possibility to save money for her new home, where she plans to spend time with her fiancé and son.

  • Mother-son relationship

While in last episode Erin was talking about difficulties of building trust in the relationship with her son, now she has great news. She got full custody of her 14-year-old boy and now they have the possibility to finally strengthen their bonds. Although having a teenager in the house is quite difficult, her fiancé contributes to a healthy family atmosphere which benefits everyone.

  • Facing problems sober

Erin talks about tons of problems she faced after the prison and how she managed to do so thanks to a strong commitment to herself and staying sober. She constantly deals with overwhelming emotions, but solving problems one after another just makes the next one much easier to solve. She also mentions her hobbies as an important part of living a healthier and relaxed life, including training, yoga, and going shopping.

  • Goals are great, but persistence is better

Even though many people set goals after a tough period in life, a lot of them just want to achieve success, not enjoy the journey. Erin thinks having goals is very important, but we should set them only to improve ourselves. That way, if we sometimes don’t succeed, we will be even more committed to entering the next fight with a stronger armor – experience.

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