Asegedech: Tea Time with Asegedech

Season #3 Episode #5

  • Starting Fit to Navigate journey

Asegedech remembers her partner won the opportunity to travel to the Hague, the Netherlands, for a very important summit about entrepreneurship. This gave Asegedech the chance to develop her career and turned out to be extremely important. She quit her corporate job, having nothing but dreams at the moment.

  • Hearing no as potential yes

Rokki and Asegedech talk about starting their project from scratch, acquiring their knowledge about the business world, and not wanting to give up after being rejected by potential business partners. They have always tried to promote their idea, knowing the uniqueness of the issue they wanted to spread the awareness of (incarceration and prison are not so popular in some parts of the world, like Australia).

  • Meeting people where they are

Asegedech reveals she found inspiration in Rokki's philosophy that people we meet already have their history and life path up to the present moment. Therefore, we should not judge others, but only show them opportunities to improve their lives and encourage them to live in a healthy and happy way. 

  • Every decision can be life-changing

There are two ways we can live our lives. We can either let it be or we can fight. Just like a single decision can bring a lot of problems into our life, we can also decide to do good things, which will lead to our rebirth and give our life a purpose. Fit to Navigate is there to show that after dark moments in life, there is always a light waiting to shine on us.

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