Kysten Palmore: If Everyone Does A Little, No One Has To Do A Lot

Season #3 Episode #6

  • Starting in Criminal Justice field

Kysten remembers choosing Criminal Justice major at her university, not being completely sure if it was going to be her field of interest. After getting a master’s degree in Public Policies, she didn’t want to wait for the job, so she started volunteering. She found volunteering as the perfect starting point from where she could develop her skills in the field. 

  • Jail vs. prison

If you convict a crime and you get sentenced for less than 1 year, you will end up in jail. If you are sentenced for more than 1 year, you will go to prison. Even though your sentence is less than a year, jails should start the reentering process with the convicted individual in order to ensure his/her successful return to the community. That's why both the institution and the community are responsible.

  • Relationships are our currencies

Rokki and Kysten talk about differences between imprisoned men and women. Kysten claims that there is a huge number of women who ended up imprisoned just by trying to protect their (sometimes even ex) boyfriends. Therefore, Kysten thinks that a large part of them are guilty because they want to be loyal.

  • 'First step' idea and concept

Kysten is one of the like-minded people who formed 'First Step'. She spreads awareness of their beliefs and actions, helping people reenter their community, take care of their mental health, improve their chances of getting decent jobs, and get all the dots reconnected. First Step shows that no matter how far away the destination is, journey will always start with the first step.

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