Desiree Riley: Goal-Oriented Mindset

Season #3 Episode #7

  • Before vs. after pandemic

Dezi thinks motherhood is always a full-time activity, which is not changing due to pandemic. The only difference is that people, not just mothers, need to learn how to live indoors, without a lot of outdoor activities, and make their time spend indoors more creative. She thinks that now is the great time to (re)connect with our loved ones.

  • It's all about health and wealth

Dezi is grateful for her family being healthy and she explains why health starts from her garden, cultivating and eating healthy food in order to be physically able to enjoy activities that include mental involvement. As a mother, she is teaching her kids to be good human beings, and she considers it to be a life garden, where we should teach and treat sharing as the priority to grow happier and healthier.

  • Cryptocurrency investing

Investing in cryptocurrencies for Dezi is more like learning patience, not just the way to earn money. She compares and contrasts herself to 'money people' and finds that people tend to give up when the future is not bright. Her attitude is to wait and see how everything turns out. Lessons learned from one particular situation can always be implemented in different contexts in the future and can lead to great improvement in other aspects.

  • Traveling

Dezi considers traveling to be a way of learning new things and experiencing the unpredictable. Her opinion is that everything we need for traveling is a passport, sometimes not even that. We just need to step out from our comfort zone, travel to the next city, see how things are different. This may not always be a big difference, but it’s still noticeable.

  • Advice for freeing our minds

Even though in the media we see lots of people that have an influence in our society, we should always believe in ourselves – not the president, celebrities, or anyone else. We should also have a free mindset where we don’t have any bosses. Someone will definitely be in charge, but we should not look at him/her as the boss, only as our co-worker. Setting ourselves and our life free is priceless, and we should always do everything we can to achieve that state of mind.

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