Jessica Burke: Believe in Your Dreams

Season #3 Episode #8

  • Back in prison

Jessica remembers ending up imprisoned for the second time. That was the time she realized that she didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. The second time she got out of prison was going to be her starting point toward improving her life habits and professional skills – the beginning of her new life.

  • ‘I want to be like you.’

One event made a big difference. During Jessica’s class, she was amazed by her instructor’s shape and life habits, so Jessica said that she wanted to be like her. To her surprise, the instructor looked her in the eye and said she believed Jessica would achieve that. 

Thankful for such strong support from other people, she promised herself never to give up on her dreams, which she had put on hold during incarceration. After that, she did not miss a class, and soon after became a trainer.

  • It was the mother-side that made the decision.

Another situation was a vital sign for her. When asked by other women, what was the most important thing in her life, she immediately responded: “My children.” Women just looked at her and disagreed, and Jessica felt deeply offended, but that was the moment she realized that her way of living wasn’t right for her kids. She should be around them and give them support, watching them grow up in a healthy family full of love.

  • Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what your future is

After surrounding herself with all those positive people, Jessica continued fighting for every day, for every training, for every moment of her life. She soon found a job in the gym and became the head coach, which was just the natural chain of events for such a strong-willed person.

  • Love is in the air

Numerous things led to Jessica’s present situation in life, and one of them was love. Today, she is finally happy with her relationship status and engaged to a man who showed a tremendous amount of respect for her reentering the community and support during the most critical moments in her life.

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