Pastor Julius Lancaster: I am Church

Season #3 Episode #9

  • Ending up at the bottom – three times

Julius remembers ending up imprisoned after getting caught for drug dealing. He did not seem to follow signs for getting back on the right track, so he got imprisoned two more times, now considering his acts ridiculous. Having been jailed for four years, he claims he was not one of the men who were reading the Bible as a hobby to pass the time, throwing it in the trash after getting out. It changed his way of living, spreading his horizons, and understanding the importance of making the right choice.

  • The right things to do

We all have different mindsets, some of which are not the best for us, but there is always the chance to change it and start living the right way. At the end of the day, we are all trainers of our own minds. Healthy minds will make us ready to follow the right path and skilled to answer and overcome all the temptations.

  • Finding the right way, step by step

After getting out in 2010, he found himself having nothing – no money, no job, no love. Soon, he got the job for $7.7 per hour and started attending Sunday school. He met his wife there, marrying her not so long after.

  • Oxymoron – planting the Church from the jail.

With entrepreneurship in his blood (drug dealing), Julius soon realized that he needs to use this capability and turn his idea into reality. In 2018, with a considerable help from his wife, he started the Church. It turned out to be a great idea, as they soon got lots of people correlating with them, having similar life problems, ideas, and plans for the future.

  • Allow God to lead the changes.

Sharing love, trusting in God, believing in yourself, and always searching for a sunbeam – these are only some of Julius’s ideas of the world we should live in. We are having all of these as the everyday to-dos can make one’s life much happier and easier to live a fulfilled life in God.

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