Hoy Zhang: Life Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Season #4 Episode #2

  • Steps into the independence

Born in Beijing, China, Hoy remembers her early childhood not being so much fun. At the age of 13, she left her family for the first time, going to Singapore. After that, she arrived in Ohio to begin studying Computer Science Engineering at the University of Toledo.

  • Language barriers starting domino effect barriers

Hoy explains exactly how difficult it was to blend into a new environment without knowing the language. One example that vividly describes this problem was the one where she ate pizza day after day because that was the only food she could point her finger at without needing to say anything else.

  • Searching for acceptance

Describing her efforts to become a part of the community, she claims she made some wrong decisions that led her to prison. After ending up in such a horrible place, she felt like it was just a bad dream. Unfortunately, reality woke her up in the same, unenviable situation.

  • Not just a number

Hoy soon realized that being imprisoned doesn’t need to be something necessarily bad, and that she could learn a lot from that experience. Also, she started bringing in different habits into her daily routine, such as working out and strengthening her body, both physically and mentally. That was the time she started thinking that everything in our life happens for a reason.

  • Faith is the key

Hoy started to read the Bible, which was her best friend and companion on this undesirable journey. After getting out of prison, she met Rokki and became a member of her sisterhood. With all the mutual care and love, she finds it much easier to make future plans. One of them is to become a trainer and share her positive attitude with others that may be facing troubles.

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