Deja Redman: Evolved Self-Love

Season #4 Episode #3

  • Looking at the past

Deja is a mother of five children. She reveals she was not always in harmony with her self-care. What’s more, she neglected her needs for a long time, being in abusive relationships, having sex at a young age, etc. Thankfully, she saw the end of that period when she realized she needed to work on self-care.

  • Love is in the air, everywhere.

Together with her mother and sister, Deja opened a spa center to benefit both professionally and personally. The professional benefit is, of course, running a successful business, but the personal one is more important. Being together with one’s family is the feeling that no money can replace, which drives the success of their business.

  • What is self-care?

Deja defines self-care as a healthy relationship with oneself. Due to the modern way of life, which often leads to burnouts, Deja says that authenticity is quite endangered among people today. We all go to work, try to earn more, and climb the career ladder, but we forget we are much more important than the money itself. If we don’t remember what actual values are, we will likely get into a deep depression that no money can solve. Self-care means reestablishing valid values in our mind and body. And this results in strengthening our relationship with ourselves.

  • Always find the time for yourself.

We live in capitalism, and most people still work for others, not for themselves. Although challenges are always on the path to success, Deja also thinks we should accept new challenges if we are ready for them, and we will be prepared only if we are in love with ourselves. That is why people should change the world from personal to global, and that is why self-care is crucial for all of us.

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