Letha Pugh: Adrenalin for the Win

Season #4 Episode #4


  • Different life

Letha was born to a 15-year-old mother in Omaha, Nebraska. She was only a child but already helping her mother a lot and doing many household chores. After college, she realized she wanted to have a different life than her mother. Her strong will to help people grew further through nursing. From that experience, she claims she gained some true qualities like love and care for others and the discipline she still has today.

  • Starting a home care agency

She opened a home care agency in 2008. After a short time, she made 2 million dollars a year. Even though the business was going great, she and her partners didn’t share the same business ideas, which caused the end of the partnership. She realized how important it is to choose the right people to partner with. 

  • Overcoming systemic racism

Letha describes her emotions during her career as a business owner and how it feels to be a black person in the room. Also, she faces different types of discrimination in the business world, since black people obviously aren’t given the same chance to develop their business ideas. She concludes that fighting injustice and making continuous efforts are the only possible way to make it happen.

  • Pandemic vs. service industry

As a result of the global COVID pandemic, anxiety overwhelmed people, especially business owners, who had extra responsibility at the time. With her wife, Letha reoriented to a delivery system and still stays in touch with the customers to keep the Bake me happy business running. As a result of the pandemic, Letha reimages what a successful business looks like, focusing on keeping operations and space small.  

  • Non-stop planning

Due to the uncertainty of our world, Letha concludes that we need to keep all the options open. That way, we won’t be surprised no matter the difficulty we may encounter in the future. After all, mutual support in the community is essential, and it is the silver lining of our cloud.

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