Sylvia Mosley: God is Everywhere

Season #4 Episode #5

  • So many flowers in God’s garden

Sylvia remembers her brother went to prison when she was young. She shares that when a person goes to prison, the whole family goes to prison. After that, she lost her husband when their child was only six months old, soon after two sisters and two brothers. Consequently, she started doing drugs and alcohol, coming to the point where she almost saw herself dying. She decided to go to the hospital and start serious rehab treatment.

  • Starting a clean life

After the rehab, she felt that she should go to church to connect with God and start praying and serving. That was the moment she went to the prison ministry. She faced many people from similar dysfunctional families, all going through life alone. She wrote a letter to a church asking them to send Bibles to prisons, translated from 16th century English to modern. That way, people could understand wise words and feel hope for all of them.

  • Walking in her path.

 She started the whole mission focused on how people shouldn’t be numb and blind to their problems. Church and the Bible are just numerous paths that lead to empathy and love. Wise words already exist, and we just need to understand and use them in everyday life. 

If I’m not the problem, there is no solution, one of the recovery principles.  Reverend Sylvia shares that anytime I’m looking outside myself for the problem, nothing will get better. Reverend Sylvia  goes on to share the only thing I we can change is ourselves, our thinking and our reactions to others. 

  • Live the life that makes the difference.

Reverend Sylvia shares that self-care is the most important thing. Only if we are good for ourselves can we be good for the world. God is the increase and she believes the outcome of her work is in Gods hand and she is simply here to water and plant her mission.  Reverend Sylvia believes to change systems we first have to impact people in the system which is her impact in this world. 

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