Trevor: Understanding and Increasing Performance

Season #5 Episode #1

Special guest: Trevor Torrance – former basketball player, founder of 'BMore'


Trevor and Rokki Bonner discuss Trevor's journey from being a professional sportsman to becoming a founder of BMore, an organization specialized in performance development. Being at his highs and lows during his athlete career, Trevor came up with handy methods to break blocks and self-made limits in order to achieve more and perform better overall.


-      Dream of becoming famous

Born and raised in Perth, Australia, Trevor dreamed of becoming famous. At the age of 16, he ended up in a selection process for talented basketball players. More than a decade later, our guest experienced the world of semi-pro and pro athleticism, crossing the globe all around. After that period, he decided it was no longer what he could do.


-      Going from sport to corporate

After his basketball career, Trevor found himself in naturopathy. Realizing he has a competitive background and a healer inside of himself, he decided to spread the knowledge in performance development. He started his mission by helping individuals and organizations to get where they want to be.


-      "I am not good enough."

Every person brings this sentence into their life at some point. In these situations, people tend to accuse themselves of something they are not guilty of or responsible about. Trevor finds this issue to be the result of our brain that "likes to know what is going on." If that is not the case, the brain is making up negative stories, creating defeatism within our bodies. At this very moment, we should locate that negative energy, reverse it to our advantage, and create something positive out of it.


-      Stop overloading your brain, make it simple.

The most important thing we should do is to set a clear intention at the beginning of our day. Setting a bright intention helps us to send it right in front of our brain, and it will set us up for success throughout the day. Setting simple and clear plans can free us from stress.


-      Embrace the sense of freedom

Trevor's organization 'BMore' helps people find their inner peace and improve feelings of fulfillment. His team guides people to free themselves through training, such as nature therapy, massages, yoga, long walks, doing exercises, and detoxing from mobile devices. That way, people can reconnect with the essence of being a human and set their goals and plans clearly. Trevor concludes that self-care is the basis from which we can build healthy lives.


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