Mind Body Gem: Natalie Legrand - Being a Global Citizen

Season #5 Episode #2

Episode Notes

Mind, Body, Gem – Season 5, Episode 2

Natalie Legrand - Being a Global Citizen 

Special guest: Natalie Legrand  – She is a multilingual professional with over 10 years of public and private sector experience in various positions. 

Natalie Legrand and Rokki Bonner discuss Natalie's core values and how they are linked to her upbringing. Natalie shares intimate memories of her earlier life growing up with her as a Honduran and Haitian grandmother. Natalie also shares her personal connection to the war in Ukraine. 

  • This is about family for me

Natalie shares that her husband is from Ukraine. Natalie shares how her husband’s family escaped their homes due to the war. Natalie has never experienced racism in Ukraine, but as a black woman, she feels emotional about racism. 

  • Roots: Opportunities and Access 

Natalie jokes that the only commonality between her mother and father’s culture of Honduran and Haitian parents is the cooking. As a child of immigrants, Natalie’s parents took pride in their culture while also wanting more for their children. Natalie shares how her parents worked hard to create access opportunities and access for her which links to Natalie’s core values. 

  • "Navigating Learning Abilities" 

Natalie shares her experience of learning and growing up with ADHA. Natalie redefines  ADHA as her ability to hold multiple ideas and things simultaneously. Natalie thought she would never have the ability to learn Russian as an adult didn’t seem possible. Natalie noticed that she could learn different languages once she had the interest and excitement. Natalie says she still works on releasing her self-judgment. 

  • Using Corporate experience to create impact.  

Natalie accredited her ability to take in multiple interests to her transition into finance. Natalie was looking for a way to use her experience to align with her personal values, which is when the opportunity to go to Ukraine presented itself. Ukraine was the odd choice for Natlie, making it the ideal choice for her. 

  • Issues are never-ending

Natalie is kept up at night, but this belief is that social impact work is never-ending work. Natalie feels until we can change the narrative, people’s attention. When so many problems seem to come at once, it can feel like a lack of attention. Natalie shares how fitness and health and how to navigate her well-being. Connecting Natalie’s body and mind is how she learns. Natlie shares having sickle cell disease and how she uses fitness to care for her health. 

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