Anna Gsanger: Meet Our Tactical Navigator

Season #5 Episode #3

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Mind, Body, Gem – Season 5, Episode 3

Anna Gsanger - 

Meet our Tactical Navigator. 


Special guest: Anna Gsanger  – She is a mother and professional with over ten years of public and private sector experience as a Marketing and communications strategy expert. She is now Fit to Navigate tactical navigator. Learn more about Fit to Navigate at 

Anna Gsanger and Rokki Bonner discuss Anna share their journey as their friendship grew and evolved into a sisterhood, which now turned into an opportunity to develop the Fit to Navigate social enterprise mission. 

  • Doing things from the heart. 

Anna shares how early in her career, her focus was on access to health care and health policy and creating an impact. Anna was passionate about the possibility of creating access to free health care within the Clinton administration. When National Health Care didn’t see a possibility, Anna shared about going back to business school and working for a large pharmaceutical company Pfizer. 

  • Left turn, Moving to Columbus. 

Anna talks about moving to Columbus as not being something she planned or imagined for herself. Anna shares that she moved to Columbus to be with her now husband, Bob. Moving to Columbus for Anna meant “starting from scratch” because she didn’t feel she had a connection to the people living here. Says, “Columbus is all about who you know.” 

  • Building Relationship. 

Anna shares how she built relationships in Columbus by attending network events and taking people out to develop her professional network. She would find temporary work that allowed her to be part of an online business and manage a business transition.

  • Balancing Motherhood and having a career. 

Anna says, unlike most women, she was “lucky” that she could decide that she was going to redshift her career to spend more time with her children. Growing up with a single mother, Anna had to go to many places with her mother, so it felt normal to have her children with her everywhere she had to be. Anna talked about the importance of also having time for herself. 

  • FTN Tactical Navigator 

Anna shares that she joined the team Fit To Navigate because of her inspiration and relationship with cofounder Rokki. Anna talks about the excitement and passion of the work and being part of growing the Fit To Navigate team. Anna shares that the work Fit To Navigate does has the ability to be part of the change in how Society views restorative justice. Anna shares how she has developed her self-care practices and what that means to her. 

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